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Do you have a cause to advocate? Is proposed legislation impacting your organization? Are you looking for public support to move forward with a community project? Would understanding government and increasing your network of government officials further your goal? What is the potential of social media and new technologies to advance your objectives? How can you get the media to cover your issue?  If you have these questions, Advocacy Consulting can help with your government relations and communications strategies and find the answers. 

Our extensive experience, political connections, network of partners and media contacts offers you top quality campaign management and advice to get your cause on the agenda and reach your objectives.  Our reward is your results! Our brand is advocacy. Our speciality is creativity, customization and first class customer service on behalf of our clients.

Our method is simple.  We sit down with our clients to understand who they are and what they are trying to achieve.  Next we work together on a custom strategy that is based on your needs and objectives.  Once a strategy is in place, we build the tools you need to succeed. Some of these tools might include Social media, websites, email newsletters, SMS technology, opinion polls, virtual town halls, print materials, and promotional products. We can also assist with your strategic planning, messaging, content management and maximizing outreach to push your message out to a targeted audience that has influence.  Once the strategy and message is in place, we guide the implementation process, track results and report back to you frequently. We take pride in customer service. We will constantly communicate and hold ourselves accountable.  We will work late hours and always be accessible to you. We do not nickel and dime clients or waste their time and money on events that do not advance their objectives. We work by the hour and stay on budget. You only pay for the work that we actually do. We provide value that is affordable for both large and small organizations. Every client is our most important client. We want to be your strongest advocate!

Advocacy Consulting Services:

Government Relations